Whether you make a good living with your current salary or not, it is always nice to have some extra income. As technology gets better and we have more successful start-up companies, there are a lot of options to choose from to make extra dollars. Here are top useful tips that you can implement today:

With these easy steps, making money has never been this fun!



  • Start a Blog: Find out what you like the most! Is it movies? Photography? Software Engineering? Travelling? It doesn’t matter how niche your subject is because there is definitely a target audience on the web. You can start your blog by establishing a basic Word Press site. In the short term, you can start making money from google adsense, and long-term sponsorships can pay a huge amount of your bills.





  • Earn commission as an affiliate: The best way to start can be an Amazon affiliate program. Implementing this into your website can bring in extra dollars. Here is the link for more information, and how to set up an account. 





  • Earn Royalties: Nowadays, there are lots of social media stars, especially on YouTube. The majority of them have a background music. If you are talented and want to turn your hobby into extra income consider checking out this link where you can buy and sell royalties.





  • Take Advantage of Shared Economy: If you have an extra car, but you don’t like the idea of becoming an Uber driver, then rent your car. This company helps you to rent your car and make money off of it. They provide all of the insurance as well. They are known for being reliable and having great customer service. Also, if you have an extra room in the house, definitely consider AirBnB as another form of income.





  • Be a Tour Guide: If you are living in a big city like New York, Miami, San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can consider being a tour guide. Yelp can help you to promote your services, and you can make money and meet amazing people.