It was always very difficult for me to balance my time.

Leaving the office late and still taking work home was killing me.

Often, I’d come home hoping to finish the laundry or the dishes, pick up the magazines I’d been planning to read that month, or get in a quick hour at the gym, but…

Instead, I was sitting on the sofa…

Grabbing the remote control…


Picking up my work laptop and wasting time scrolling through my Facebook feed! Talk about procrastination!

Does this sound familiar to you?

I needed help improving my time management skills, and I discovered some very useful tools during my search. Now, I manage time more efficiently, both at work and in my personal life.

Here are some great time management apps that can help improve your daily schedule, and find your ideal work-life balance:

1) Focus@Will App:

I was able to manage my time more effectively thanks to these crazy apps. The first one that I highly recommend is Focus@will.

This app has two formats. One for the desktop, if you want to use it when you’re working in the office, and the other for when you are mobile and need to focus on the go. They even have a section of Alpha Chill Music featuring cafe sounds!  You can take their  quiz to see if the app is a good fit for you, then sign up for the free demo.

If you are working in an open office environment, I suggest you give it a try to increase your focus level.

2) Self-Control App:

I’ll be very honest with youI rarely lose focus while I’m working, thanks to this app. It blocks procrastination sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) so you don’t end up wasting time whenever you have a free moment to browse.  

The best part of this app is that  you can choose how many minutes of time you want to block out before you earn a break. This way, you won’t end up blocking Facebook and other social sites for days on end. That would be brutal, wouldn’t it?!

3) Evernote:

This is my obsession app. Evernote makes your notes more organized, and thanks to its cloud support, you can access it from anywhere. You might ask “Why not use a reminder or notes app in a regular phone?”

This is a valid question, but I would challenge you to try pasting a screenshot and logging a good idea while preserving the same format and pasting it to a notes app. Good luck!

That’s why I highly recommend you give Evernote a shot. It might become your obsession, too! Here is how it looks:

4) TimeWrap:

You might laugh at this one, but don’t judge. Here’s why.

This app is a little intense and can drive you a bit crazydon’t come back and say I didn’t warn youbut it is quite useful!

It works like this: each time you type a “procrastination” website, it redirects you to a website that is more useful to you. Let’s say you get bored and want to scroll through your Facebook newsfeed watching cat videos (or cooking videos, or silly videos). Every time you type the word Facebook, the app takes you to a Wikipedia article or just to the Google search bar.

So, since you won’t have any access, you will end up going back to work. It looks like this:

5) Diigo:

Let’s say you’re doing research and you want to collect everything quickly in one place. This app can enable you to bookmark, group, annotate, add in-page highlights, and even share the information. The user interface is easy to use too.  

6) SmartSkin:

Organizing your email inbox can help you big time during your daily schedule. If you are using the Gmail platform for work, the SmartSkin app can be a godsend. It looks like this:

7) OnWard:

This app was launched by well-known serial entrepreneur, Gabe Zichermann, and his amazing team. While they were creating this app, they worked with UCLA-based clinical advisors and leveraged behavioral science. OnWard can help you cut your social media and other types of addictions.

It is listed as the best personal and career growth app on the market right now.

The features include personalized AI coaching, customized behavioral changing programs, automated tracking and reporting, and helps with the “overuse” of any addictive websites. So, if you find yourself still checking snapchat, facebook, messages, texts, pings, instagram, etc., this is the one that I highly recommend. Feel free to check their website to learn more.

I know that sometimes it is very difficult to focus at work if you are under stress, or get distracted by background noise or social media.

I hope at least one of these apps will enable you to be more efficient with managing your time at work.