It is a reality that digital media and its terminology changes almost every week. Thanks to IAB the standards, everything is getting little bit better. Here are some commonly used terms in digital media. For more information, samples and case studies, don’t forget to read the next blog posts as well.


Ad Server Data Management Platform
Apps Deal ID
Assets Engagement
Attribution Expandable Banner
Authenticated viewing Exposed Group
Banner Flighting
Brand Awareness Frequency Cap
Brand Metrics Geo-Targeting
Bounce Rate iFrame
Buffering Impression
Cache busting Instream
Click Fraud Interstitial
Cloud Lat-long
Connected TV Longtail
Content Marketing Makegoods
Contextual Targeting Media Mix
Control Group Mobile/ location based targeting
Conversion Mid-roll
Conversion Pixel Native Advertising
Cookie Open Auction
Cross-device targeting Opt-out
Overlay Safe Frame
Pace/Pacing Site Index
Page Views Statistical ID
Performance Pricing Tags
Pixel Uniques
Polite Load Viewability
Post-roll View-through
Programmatic Verification services
Responsive Design Video Completion
Retargeting Viral
Widget Web Crawler