The first time I saw a self-driving car on the way to work, I was pretty surprised. I remember watching the car pass me by and I was looking at it as if I saw an alien on the street. Nowadays, whenever I see one I simply ignore 🙂 I got so used to seeing different types of technology car in the streets of San Francisco.

This time this topic is getting a little heated. According to the recent article at Tech Crunch, Google claims that their trade secrets were stolen by x googler who went to Uber for his next play. While Google is suing Uber, the debate is now more towards “seeing the trade secrets by the attorneys of both parties.


Waymo , the Google’s Alphabet company’s self-driving division, claims that Albert Levandowski downloaded the vital documents without Google’s permission and created his own self-driving truck company which he sold to 650M dollars to Uber.


Google is also claiming that two more engineers stole the important documents from Google before they accepted a position at Uber. At the moment, The two companies eventually settled on an agreement that just one of Uber’s in-house lawyers, Nicole Bartow, would be allowed to view the documents.



To read more details, check the original article here.