You might be one of those moments now. You have tons of work to do but you are reading different articles, watching youtube videos (starting from work related and ending up Justin Bieber clips). This article might be one of them.

Let’s end this procrastination moment now!

Here are the most useful tips that you can apply at this very moment and start what you need to do;


Tip 1 Reward:

This is one of the best tips that is used for kids and pets as well. It is useful because the return is bigger. Before you start your work, define the reward. This can be a 15 minute time of break, going for a walk, eating a chocolate, watching your favorite episode or checking your Facebook page. Promise yourself that until you finish studying the 1st chapter or first 20 pages of your work load you won’t get the reward.  Hold your basic temptation and keep your promise. At least try once.

Tip 2 Digital Block:

If you can’t stop yourself checking your social media accounts and can’t keep your focus, try using 3rd party softwares. This can help you to focus more and limit your internet access. You can do this for your mobile phone and safari as well.

Tip 3 Break:

Try to use the time in small breaks. Give yourself each 20 minutes to accomplish 1 task. If you work non stop in 20 minutes, break 3 minutes and then continue again it will give you more motivation. Slowly you will be completing the task without getting bored or checking your Facebook/Instagram pages constantly.