If you are still sitting on your sofa and holding your laptop, scrolling through social media and can’t find motivation to go to the gym, here are some additional excuses for you that will encourage and keep you motivated to go to the gym;

Excuse 1: Can’t find time

Really? You have some time to check your Facebook 5x a day, spend minimum 5 minutes in each login and you can’t find time for 30 mins work out. Okay, let’s be real. Start searching very close by gym locations around your office and home. Less time in traffic and more time at the gym.

Excuse 2: I need a trainer and I can’t afford

You and I both know that most people can keep and work on their figure without personal trainers. It is amazing to have a PT ( if you can afford) but your will is more important than the sole action.

Excuse 3: I am happy the way I am

Hmm.. First, you are reading this article. Second, you must like self-advancement. Come on, who doesn’t like a ripped figure?

Excuse 4: I don’t have a gym partner

Okay, I admit. This can be a great reason. On the other hand, going to the gym, working out is a sole exercise. Start trying the group classes. You can both make gym partners and also enjoy the teamwork.

Excuse 5: I am tired

This one is my favorite! no excuse can beat this one. That’s why I will leave you with this thought;

“slow process is better than no process”