As a social media strategist in Linkedin, this is a very common question that I hear from my clients day to day. I thought it might be helpful to share some best practices in my blog so I can help more members.

Here are some best practices on how to get more followers to your LinkedIn Company Page;


Tip #1: Post Updates Regularly


The highest performing companies in LinkedIn are the ones who post quite often and even daily. When you post several times per week, you encourage your followers to like, comment and share. The more they interact with the post, the more you will have impressions and have the capability of reaching more people.



Tip #2: Add Social Share Icons


Adding social share icons in all your blog posts will help your audience to quickly share them in an easy way. Especially don’t forget to include your company page link so you can gain more followers


Tip #3: Update Your Career Section Frequently:

When you update and publish your company’s open positions in LinkedIn, it helps your company page organic search results more. So when you post on other websites, don’t forget to include LinkedIn in your HR efforts.


Tip #4: Share Rich Media:


Use videos, bigger size images, graphics and also infographics. Research by LinkedIn has shown that Sponsored Content CTRs increase up to 42% when visuals use in a company post.


Tip #5: Engage With Your Network:


This is the most critical part of your LinkedIn posts. You should be listening and also engaging with your audience. Of course, take both the negative and the positive feedback from the constructive side. When a user creates any social action( like-comment-share), LinkedIn algorithm automatically shows that specific post to the followers of that specific audience. That’s why the organic growth is easier and faster in LinkedIn compare to Facebook and Twitter. Give it a try, you will see the difference.


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